Quartets and Ensembles



Tenor: Melanie Zentz
Lead: Abbey Soule
Baritone: Sandra Larson
Bass: Julie Depowski

Contact: Julie Depowski at  j.dpwsk@gmail.com

Party Favors

Tenor: Melanie Zentz
Lead: Andrea Frias
Baritone: Brittni Woods
Bass: Julie Depowski

Contact: Julie Depowski at  j.dpwsk@gmail.com

Ypsi Chicks

Tenor: Sandra Larson
Lead: Kay Stone
Baritone: Joy Hurst
Bass: Julie Harden

In the summer of 2014, four young ladies decided to sing a song together in the “Summer Quartet” program with Voices in Harmony. They enjoyed singing together so much that they decided to register as a quartet with Sweet Adelines International. They chose the name Ypsi Chicks, a reference to Ypsilanti, where they met and where the Voices in Harmony rehearse.
Sandra Larson is singing tenor with the Ypsi Chicks, and she sings baritone with Voices in Harmony. She has been a member of SAI and Voices in Harmony since 2013.  Ypsi Chicks is her first quartet experience.

Kay Stone sings lead in both Voices in Harmony and the quartet. She returned from North Carolina to Michigan in 2010, but has been a Sweet Adeline since 2004 and has been a member of four different quartets in those years.

Joy Hurst sings that tricky little baritone part for the “Chicks”. She joined Voices in Harmony in 2014, but is currently a member of River Raisin Chorus in Monroe, MI. She learned to love music from listening to her father’s country band, as well as singing in a trio in Junior High School and singing in a quartet in High School. Joy says she loves all things harmony!

Julie Harden is that beautiful bass voice you hear when she sings with the “Chicks”. She has been singing since she learned to put the needle on her Sound of Music album. Julie joined Voices In Harmony in 2013 and became a “Chick” the next year.

Contact: Kay Stone at seashanty2@earthlink.net

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